The 5 silent killers of marketing productivity (and how to beat them!)

If you're anything like most marketers, you've probably worn more hats than you can count in your marketing role. From content creator to data analyst, from social media guru to event planner, we've done it all. But the hats aren't really the thing that kills our productivity, right? We can handle that part.  

Really, it's the silent killers lurking in the shadows of our daily tasks that trip us up. The things that, frankly, should be pretty simple, but consistently make our days just a little harder - keeping us from doing what we do best - telling our brand's story. 

Let's jump into these sneaky productivity pitfalls and, more importantly, how to conquer them. 

Keep brand consistency when working with multiple teams

The Problem inconsistent branding across campaigns

We've all seen it - a company using multiple versions of its logo or varying color schemes across campaigns. This inconsistency can confuse your audience and dilute your brand's impact. 

The Solution: centralizing brand assets

Centralize and standardize. Store all brand assets in one location, ensuring that only the latest, approved versions are accessible. Platforms like Pickit allow for easy categorization, ensuring that everyone accesses the right assets, every time. 

Example: Imagine launching a new logo. Instead of sending it via email or storing it in multiple locations, upload it to Pickit. Now, whenever someone needs the logo, they access the latest version, ensuring brand consistency.  



How to prevent unauthorized marketing content

The Problem: Outdated Marketing Materials

Jane from sales just used an outdated product image in her presentation. Oops! Using unapproved or outdated materials can send mixed messages and even lead to legal issues. 

The Solution: Access Control for Marketing Assets

Implement a system where only approved assets are accessible. With platforms like Pickit, you can restrict access, ensuring that only approved, on-brand materials are used. 

Example: After a product update, you can archive the old product images on Pickit and upload the new ones. This ensures that the sales team always uses the most recent, approved images. 

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How to maximize ROI on marketing collaterals?  

The Problem: underutilized marketing investments

You invested time and money into creating a fantastic video, but six months later, no one's used it. Unused materials represent wasted resources and missed opportunities. 

The Solution:  analytics-driven asset management

Analytics to the rescue! By tracking which assets are being used, you can understand what's valuable to your team. Platforms like Pickit offer insights into asset usage, helping you optimize your library based on demand. 

Example: Your analytics on Pickit show that infographics are frequently accessed, while certain videos are rarely viewed. This insight can guide your future content creation strategy, focusing on what's truly impactful. 

unused marketing materials hurt your brand

How to organize digital assets for scalability and efficiency?

The Problem: disorganized digital asset storage

You know you have that image... somewhere. Maybe it's in Dropbox? Or was it SharePoint? Poor asset management can lead to lost files, frustration, and decreased productivity. 

The Solution: efficient digital asset management systems

A robust digital asset management system is the answer. With visual navigation, easy search capabilities, and clear categorization, platforms like Pickit make asset retrieval a breeze. 

Example: Instead of sifting through endless folders in SharePoint, you can use Pickit's visual navigation to quickly locate and retrieve the asset you need, be it an old logo or a new product shot. 


Tired of searching? How to streamline asset access across multiple platforms

The Problem: fragmented marketing tools

Imagine this: It's Monday morning, and you're hopping between five different platforms to gather assets for your campaign. By the time you've found what you need, half the day's gone. Sound familiar? Fragmented information across multiple tools can lead to missed opportunities and a lack of cohesiveness in campaigns.

The Solution: digital asset management

The key is centralization. By consolidating your assets into one platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, you can save precious time and ensure a unified approach. Platforms like Pickit offer integration with popular tools like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, providing a one-stop-shop for all your asset needs. 

Consider a scenario where your design team uses Adobe Creative Cloud, while the content team relies on Microsoft 365. By using a platform like Pickit, you can bridge the gap, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient asset sharing. 

Which tools boost marketing productivity and efficiency? 

When it comes to marketing, it's not just about working hard but working smart. By identifying these silent killers of productivity and implementing the right solutions, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are efficient, cohesive, and impactful. Remember, it's not about wearing all the hats; it's about wearing the right ones effectively. And with tools like Pickit by your side, you're well-equipped to tackle any marketing challenge head-on. 

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