Empowering creativity & ensuring compliance

How Menigo transformed brand control and content management with Pickit 

Menigo wanted to maintain brand consistency while enhancing its external perception. They recognized the importance of using images that were instantly recognizable as theirs and aligned with their brand identity. Thus, they sought a solution that would streamline this process and ensure that the right content was readily accessible without stifling people's creativity. The solution needed to fulfill these areas:
  • Ensuring compliance and brand consistency
  • Multi-purpose platform
  • Elevated creative capabilities


Menigo, a leading Swedish food supplier, faced challenges related to employees using unauthorized images and maintaining brand consistency. The company aimed to encourage creativity while ensuring compliance and protecting their brand reputation.

Menigo turned to Pickit, a user-friendly platform for organizing and distributing images

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Challenge: "Putting a stop to illegal and off-brand images"

Like many companies, Menigo faced the problems associated with employees using unlicensed images from a search engine instead of authorized visuals from the organization’s image bank. As a company that often delivers pitches to customers and suppliers, they’re constantly creating content that’s used externally, posing a risk if those materials weren’t licensed and legal.



Menigo Brand Guide

"There’s a lot of creativity at our company, and we wanted to encourage that by empowering our employees, but we also had to make sure everything was 100% compliant."

Mia Sundling
Mia Sundling
Head of Marketing | Menigo
Menigo customer success

Solution: "Very user-friendly platform for everyone"

Menigo sought a solution that would not only benefit their administrators and content creators but also be highly user-friendly for all their employees. 

To find the perfect fit, they embarked on a research journey. They explored various options and eventually came across Pickit, which was still in its early stages of development at the time. Despite its relative newness, Menigo saw the potential in Pickit and decided to give it a chance. 

Fast forward to today, Menigo has grown substantially, boasting around 1,000 employees. Among them, approximately 10% have become regular users of Pickit, primarily within the Sales and Marketing departments. This uptake demonstrates the value and effectiveness that Pickit has brought to Menigo, as these employees have embraced the platform as a valuable resource for their daily tasks and responsibilities. 

Menigo curates important images into themed collections for a better overview and browsing experience, making them available in the channels where people need them. 

Software and Services
  • Media
  • Documents

  • PowerPoint add-in 

  • Microsoft 365 Integration 
Menigo Pickits interface

"They seem to get inspired by the visuals they see in the collections we create and use those most of the time, so we don’t see people using questionable images anymore"

Lisa Durefelt
Lisa Durefelt
Art Director | Menigo

Outcome: "No more questions about where to find brand assets "

Despite the continuous flow of requests to the Marketing Department, a significant change has occurred in the nature of these inquiries. They no longer receive an abundance of requests for basic assets such as logos, product shots, and photos. The reason behind this shift is attributed to the effectiveness of Pickit in resolving those fundamental asset needs. With the availability of a comprehensive content library, employees have become inspired by the visuals they encounter, sparking their creativity and reducing the necessity to seek basic assets from the Marketing Department. 
Thanks to this solution, Menigo has now:
  • A solution that goes beyond PowerPoint, serving as a platform for web content distribution and ensuring the right images are used without associated risks.
  • A Documents tool that enables material sharing and inspiration for the Sales team, promoting collaboration, efficiency, and high-quality content creation.
  • A platform that has elevated everyone's creative capabilities while maintaining adherence to brand guidelines.
Menigo Pickit Platform

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