Control your content
from one central space

Gather scattered digital assets and organize them all in one place
– then optimize your library based on usage data and demand.


Pickit provides a secure home for all your documents, templates, licenses, media files, and other digital assets. Boost visibility, understand performance, and take back
control of your content.

Media Asset Management

Store and sort your valuable assets in one central platform for a clear overview and better control. Perfect for logos, photos, icons, audio, and video files. 

Pickit DAM Media Asset Management
Pickit DAM Document Management

Document Management

Gather, index, and manage your company documents and templates from a single control panel to keep everything organized, accessible, and up to date.

Brand Management

Add your assets, colors, fonts, and style guides alongside your library to make it easy for users to stay on brand and increase consistency across the organization. 

Pickit DAM Brand Asset Management
Pickit DAM License Management

License Management

Increase control and safeguard compliance by making usage rights easily accessible to users. We store licenses next to the images so you can find them in a flash.

Insights Dashboard

Boost brand intelligence by understanding usage and needs, then optimize your assets with actionable analytics from our unique Insights dashboard. 

Pickit Insights™_v0.9

Full-Text Search

Save time processing and searching for your company's digital assets with our OCR functionality. Now you can do a full-text search on your documents and media files.

AI-Generated Metadata

Enable AI-generated metadata when importing files to Pickit, allowing our system to classify your files into the following categories so you can find them in a flash.

– Categories
– Celebrities
– Landmarks
– Image Types



The lifeblood of all indexing. Tag your files, docs, and media assets so it's quick and easy for your users to find things when they search your DAM. Pickit even rounds up synonyms to catch what you might have missed.

AI-Generated Categories

Take your team's productivity sky-high with AI. Now you can enable autogenerated metadata when importing files to Pickit, allowing our system to classify your files into different categories so you can surface them in seconds.


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