DAM smart.
DAM simple.

Centralize, organize, and distribute your digital assets using one intuitive
platform to enjoy complete control, better ROI, and a simpler workflow.


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It’s time to stop
wasting our time

We’ve done our homework, and it turns out 70% of digital assets are
either underused or never used at all, making most content creation a
total waste of time. And dollars.

Common causes are scattered files, multiple storage systems, and
complicated, outdated DAMs nobody wants to use. The good news?
These problems are an easy fix with a forward-thinking solution built
for the modern workplace.

Let’s make the
most of your assets

Ready to increase brand consistency, compliance, and asset value?
The Pickit platform provides fresh solutions and flexible modules to help
manage, connect, and control your content.

Users can quickly find what they’re looking for, while admins get access to powerful insights and data on usage, trends and needs – all for a surprisingly affordable sum. No-brainer, right?


A smoother way to
work with digital assets

We think staying in control of your own content should be a
piece of cake. So, now it is. 

Easily gather and index assets, documents, templates, guidelines,
and licenses. Then boost your brand intelligence with usage data
to understand performance, needs and trends. 

Pickit Media Asset Management
Pickit Document Management
Pickit Brand Asset Management
Pickit License Management
Pickit Insights™


Quickly showcase
and share content

Why switch services every time you need to share something
or transfer a file? Exactly.

Promote fresh material with collections, package contextual
content and campaigns, and securely distribute valuable
assets with stakeholders outside your organization.

Pickit Content Creation
Pickit Boards™
Pickit Transfer™
Pickit Family™
Pickit External Sharing & Collaboration
Pickit Organization  Access & SSO
Pickit Academy™
Pickit User Management


Switch on built-in
libraries for fresh stock

Sourcing images should be as easy as grabbing one from a
search engine. But legal.

A massive 85% of images online are unlicensed, creating
compliance issues for many organizations. We’ve solved that
by putting leading stock providers and a built-in library at
your fingertips.

Pickit Getty Images Integration
Pickit Adobe Stock Integration


Plug in your tech stack
in a couple of clicks

In a connected world, shouldn’t integrating systems be seamless?
We agree.

Use our smart integrations and award-winning apps to surface
and send material across your preferred programs. Extensions
include the #1 Office app worldwide.

Pickit DAM Microsoft 365 Integration
Pickit DAM Google Workspace Integration
Pickit DAM Cloud Storage Integrations
One-click Media Markets_v0.3.1
Pickit DAM Creativity Tools Integrations
Pickit API
Pickit DAM Forbes Customer Story

Loved by admins
and end-users

“Pickit has been a total game changer and allows
our team to be efficient, consistent, and best of all, on brand.”

- Danielle Rubino
Director of Brand Marketing 


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See it for yourself

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