An integration love story

How SharePoint, Dropbox and Pickit elevate Haglöfs productivity

Haglöfs is a Swedish outdoor gear company founded in 1914. With deep roots in a country known for its extreme weather and extensive landscapes, Haglöfs is committed to creating high-quality outdoor gear that supports adventurers everywhere. The company has a rich history of innovation and craftsmanship, continually setting new standards in technical and everlasting design. 

Haglöfs operates in 21 markets worldwide through wholesale channels, e-commerce in 12 countries, and 12 of their own stores. Haglöfs collaborates with a network of over 80 material suppliers and manufacturers in 17 countries.  








"With Pickit, there's no more rummaging through files or countless emails. Instead, everyone knows exactly where to find the necessary assets, fostering a culture of efficiency and brand consistency."

Clara Tronet_Haglöfs
Clara Tronet Guillon
Head of Trade Marketing and Seasonal Campaigns at Haglöfs

Challenge: Haglöfs' quest for efficient content management

As Haglöfs continued to expand its reach globally, the communication department was confronted with limitations that hindered the efficient management of extensive content meant for various seasons.
Sharing marketing materials externally was also a cumbersome process mostly orchestrated with SharePoint. As new marketing campaigns were launched, they recognized the need to phase out their SharePoint-based asset management and find a more efficient way to distribute files to customers, partners, and dealers. This was vital for maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders.

Solution: Choosing the right marketing tools

With Pickit's capabilities, Haglöfs was able to implement a smart and simple marketing administrative structure.  

The marketing team decided to combine Pickit Brand module and Pickit Boards to structure their content with smart and easy access. The content was able to be easily categorized and different access permissions for users were provided. This versatile setup ensures that assets are precisely organized and accessible to the right people, a critical element in maintaining brand integrity. 

This increased hierarchy allowed for better organization and management of their marketing assets. The user-friendly interface ensured smoother access to resources, offering an efficient solution to their previous limitations.  

Integration with platforms like Dropbox was a vital component of Haglöfs' file management transformation. Pickit's ability to integrate with various tools ensured a smooth and consistent workflow. This compatibility allowed Haglöfs' marketing teams to work with familiar tools, all while maintaining centralized asset management. The transition was seamless, and employees could continue their tasks using tools they were already accustomed to.

"Pickit is my go-to platform for all things marketing. It's become an indispensable part of my daily routine. I always have Pickit open these days because it's so easy. If I don't have Pickit open, I feel like I'm missing out on a powerful tool that makes my job so much more efficient."

Sofia Falk at Haglofs
Sofia Falk
Digital Trade Marketing Manager at Haglöfs


Haglöfs Toolbox is the go to space for all marketing assets such as images, videos, ads, social media content - you name it. The content is put into themed collections for a better overview and browsing experience.



Pickit integrates with Haglöfs tech stack for seamless synchronization. Haglöfs is using Pickit's plug-and-play integrations and award-winning apps for Microsoft 365 and Dropbox.


The user can easily pick out a selection of assets and download directly from a bag.



Haglöfs broad network and partners have access to all necessary and up-to-date content needed to work with the brand.

By implementing Pickit, Haglöfs managed to eliminate the complexities and limitations of their previous platform, Sharepoint. Thanks to Pickit’s fast and easy implementation, the marketing team decided to phase out their SharePoint-based asset management system and embrace a more efficient and comprehensive solution.
This transformative shift not only addressed Haglöfs' previous limitations but also prepared them for future growth and brand consistency in an increasingly competitive market.


Outcome: “I don’t need to be the brand police officer”

One of the striking aspects that Sophia Falk, Digital Trade Marketing Manager at Haglöfs, emphasizes is the increase in asset usage and substantial growth. The ability to measure this growth is attributed to one of Pickit's standout features – its comprehensive statistics. These analytics provide valuable insights into how assets are being used, enabling data-driven decision-making, and contributing to a refined content strategy and future development plans.

Haglöfs team highlights the significance of easy access to brand guidelines and other assets within the company. “I don’t need to be the brand police officer,” Therese Hasth, Wholesale Trade Marketing Manager at Haglöfs says.

Pickit, a very intuitive tool

With Pickit, Haglöfs employees, resellers, partners, etc. can quickly find the assets they need, eliminating the time-consuming process of sifting through various tools, files, or emails. Learn how Haglöfs quickly and easily built a DAM platform for real-time assets to stay on top of business needs.