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Mustad creates the best-selling fishing hook brand in the world

Mustad Fishing (O. Mustad & Søn A.S.) is a Norwegian company that manufactures and sells premium products for sport, industrial, and traditional fishing. Mustad was founded in 1832 and began making fishing hooks in 1877. Today, they’re the best-selling fishing hook brand in the world, found in more than 160 countries. 

The corporate headquarters are in Gjøvik, Norway. Mustad also has offices in the United States, China, and Singapore, with production facilities located in China. Over the years, they have expanded their product range to other types of fishing gear, including monofilament fishing lines, fishing lures, fly hooks, terminal tackle, and fishing apparel. 







assets in Pickit

"People were asking for all sorts of things, from all corners of the world. We were looking for somewhere to host our things in one place."

Eddie Payton - Mustad
Eddie James Payton
Marketing Manager at Mustad

Challenge: Simplifying sharing, internally and externally

Like many manufacturing and retail companies, Mustad needed a tool that allowed for simple and secure sharing with both internal and external stakeholders. Mustad employees needed to be able to share with colleagues across departments as well as with customers, partners, dealers, and more.  

In 2018, Eddie James Payton joined Mustad as the digital marketing manager. He became responsible for managing the Mustad brand, including all digital and non-digital activities around the globe, and he realized that all of Mustad’s assets needed to be stored in one place.  

When Mustad found Pickit, they saw the value of having digital asset management and brand management offered in one tool. 

Solution: Choosing the right marketing tools

Prior to Pickit, Mustad used several different tools to manage their brand, assets, and product information. This ad hoc solution was expensive and unnecessarily complex. And to sidestep the complexity, people would frequently email Eddie Payton directly to ask for assets.
Pickit shook up Mustad’s file management status quo. As a result, Eddie Payton no longer deals with the interruption of emails asking for assets.
Mustad has kept its product information management (PIM) system, which integrates with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, its e-commerce platform, and more. The PIM system promised to link other entities and files effectively as well, but it would have been cumbersome and ultimately it didn’t work. While the PIM system does make product-related data accessible, it simply doesn’t work for digital asset management.

"This has been a great one-stop-shop for our partners to find content, allowing clients to find what fits their needs at their own pace."

Eddie Payton - Mustad
Eddie James Payton
Marketing Manager at Mustad


Mustad can monitor the usage of their entire platform via Pickit Insights.



Mustad Partner Hub is the go-to space for all brand and marketing assets such as images, videos, ads, social media content, guidelines, product information, etc.


The user can easily search and find assets to pick out and download.


All Mustad employees have access to content right inside Office (PowerPoint, Word, Teams, OneNote).

Outcome: Ensuring consistency

Mustad used Dropbox for a time, but it wasn’t a smooth experience. Today, Mustad uses Pickit integrated with SharePoint. They have 40 users on Pickit. When Mustad employees create PowerPoint presentations, Pickit ensures that their slides are up-to-date and consistent with the brand. They are also able to reuse slides, saving time.
Centralization is another time saver. “There’s one site. People don’t have to fumble through things,” Eddie said.
They did look at other DAM options, “but were not hitting all of the needs that we had at a pricepoint we couldn’t justify” Eddie said. Pickit, on the other hand, offers a wide range of crucial features—but without the high price tag.
Mustad is able to use Pickit with user-generated content, or UGC. They can pull content, such as photos or videos, to use as UGC. “The API is good to work with,” Eddie said. Streamlining the process of creating quality UGC is another way Pickit pays off. The user-friendliness is one of the traits that makes Pickit valuable.
The brand guide ensures that the content Mustad produces is accurate, up-to-date, and consistent. Its intuitiveness and capabilities allow it to do everything it needs to do to protect and promote the strength of its brand.

Pickit, a very intuitive tool

With Pickit, Mustad's employees, resellers, partners etc. can quickly find the assets they need, eliminating the time-consuming process of sifting through various tools, files, or emails. Learn how Mustad quickly and easily built a DAM platform for real-time assets to stay on top of business needs.