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Ahlsell's discovery of unity through Pickit

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Ahlsell has emerged as a leading distributor of installation products, tools, and supplies, catering to the needs of professionals in the construction, installation, service, and maintenance sectors. With approximately 7,500 employees, Ahlsell’s marketing arm, comprising about 40 professionals, plays a pivotal role in shaping Ahlsell's brand narrative.  

Ahlsell's journey into digital asset management is formed by collaboration across multifaceted teams. The marketing and external communications teams, along with content owners for various areas, are at the forefront of leveraging Pickit to streamline digital assets. Additionally, the Key Account Management and sales teams actively integrate Pickit into their external engagements, further amplifying the platform's impact. 

As Ahlsell navigates the digital realm, the integration of Pickit becomes a cornerstone in their pursuit of operational excellence, brand integrity, and dynamic collaboration. 








"With Pickit we can easily serve thousands of people with our latest collateral and visuals. Pickit’s automated feature Quick Slides for PowerPoint saves us tons of work, time and worry."

Camilla Tienso
Camilla Tienso
Head of Marketing and External Communication at Ahlsell Sweden

Challenge: A disjointed asset structure

In the quest for operational excellence, the marketing department found itself continuously facing different challenges when trying to manage its digital assets effectively:
  • Outdated content and design inconsistencies were pressing issues, creating a landscape where information stagnated, compromising the company's agility.
  • Presentations, a crucial facet of communication, became stale, while the management of assets was marred by inefficiencies and duplications.
  • The most time-consuming aspect of this lies in the decentralized storage of assets across various locations and versions, demanding significant effort to locate the latest and ensure its accuracy.
Ahlsell's previous approach, a mix of intranet downloads and scattered local folders on servers proved insufficient. Images were scattered between servers and local folders, while movies were stored in disparate private solutions.
This disjointed structure not only held back Ahlsell but also showed the challenges of version control and asset retrieval. The need for a better solution became evident as Ahlsell sought to consolidate its digital assets seamlessly, leading them to the adoption of Pickit.

Solution: Ahsell's digital assets found a unified home in Pickit

With a clear understanding of the challenges at hand, the marketing department embarked on a journey by implementing Pickit to optimize its digital asset management landscape. 

The implementation of Pickit marked a departure from the fragmented storage practices. Previously scattered across intranet downloads, local folders on servers, and various private solutions, Ahlsell's digital assets found a unified home in Pickit. This consolidation also addressed the complexities of version control, ensuring that the latest and most accurate assets were readily accessible. 

Ahlsell have also structured a network employees that are "contributors" and responsible for updating and adding content within their business areas.


Outcome: An efficient user experience

As Ahlsell transitioned into Pickit, the marketing team experienced notable improvements and laid the foundation for future enhancements. While specific metrics and measurables were not initially established, the implementation of Pickit prompted the designation of a dedicated project manager responsible for setting goals and conducting follow-ups. This strategic move reflects Ahlsell's commitment to optimizing the use of Pickit and maximizing its impact across the organization.

The adoption of Pickit has shown tangible benefits, with usage metrics indicating increased engagement. The platform's integration into Ahlsell's systems facilitated through Active Directory (AD), has been a standout feature. This integration contributes to an efficient user experience, offering a comprehensive overview for users at all levels of the organization.

The accessibility of Pickit throughout the company has fostered collaboration and accessibility, contributing to a more agile and responsive engagement. While metrics are now in the process of being formalized, Ahlsell values Pickit as a central hub for digital assets.

"We are growing with Pickit"

Camilla Tienso
Camilla Tienso
Head of Marketing and External Communication at Ahlsell Sweden

Looking into the future, Ahlsell envisions an even more robust integration of Pickit into its operations, aiming to capitalize on additional features that align with the company's growing needs. Creating a bank for documents, including visual identity, images (pending GDPR compliance and effective tagging), and various manuals, showcase Ahlsell's commitment to leveraging Pickit's capabilities to their fullest extent.

The future goals with Pickit are saving time, elevating the quality of asset handling, and fortifying the image of Ahlsell's brand. Pickit’s capacity to evolve and adapt alongside Ahlsell's aspirations positions it as a dynamic tool that not only meets current requirements but serves as a strategic ally in the company's ongoing journey toward operational excellence and brand distinction.

Pickit, a very intuitive tool

With Pickit, Ahlsell's employees, partners etc. can quickly find the assets they need, eliminating the time-consuming process of sifting through various tools, files, or emails. Learn how Ahlsell quickly and easily built a DAM platform for real-time assets to stay on top of business needs.