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Key benefits of using Pickit with Dropbox

Visual navigation

Pickit's visually compelling, user-centric navigation helps bring your company content to life. Users can quickly get a better overview of images, videos, documents, and templates. 


A great complement to Dropbox, Pickit provides a simple way to access metadata and search assets using popular terms and keywords.

Version history

Document version history from Dropbox will automatically be included and previous versions will be archived. That way, Pickit will always have the most current content. 

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Technical information


The Dropbox integration enables Pickit users to access the most current versions of files stored on Dropbox without having to manually sync or switch platforms. This can be set to update daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your preference.

Files and folders

File or folder-level synchronization allows users to map several folders to one or simply synchronize files individually.


Users don't need to log into multiple services or authenticate more often than in Dropbox. Pickit adopts the same frequency as your Dropbox Business account.

More integrations

To ensure continued success, our digital asset management solution offers extensive connectivity. By implementing a highly connectable Pickit, organizations can establish more streamlined workflows, resulting in increased efficiency and a reduced risk of errors. This, in turn, frees up valuable time and resources to concentrate on core tasks and foster business growth. Further details regarding more integrations is provided below.


Access the most current versions of files stored without having to manually sync or switch platforms.


Instantly deploy our award-winning PowerPoint, Word, and Teams apps for a one-of-a-kind distribution experience. 

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