Google Workspace

Easily insert/embed assets from your Pickit into your Google files: slides, docs and sheets.

Pickit’s Google Workspace extension works flawlessly, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate images, videos, and documents from Pickit directly into your creations without leaving Google files. 

Make your assets look fantastic using Pickit visual navigation

Eliminate the need for manual downloading and uploading of assets or documents. With the Pickit extension, users can quickly and easily add content available inside Pickit for faster presentation-making across the organization.

Pickit Google Workspace extension

This built-in add-on allows you to add any asset stored in Pickit directly to your Google files without the need of shifting platforms or requesting permission or user rights.

After installing it, you'll find a new "Pickit" menu located under the extensions menu.

Search and find logos, stock photos, or any other asset stored in Pickit and insert them right into the Google file.

Pickit - Google Marketplace

Google Slides

Easily access and use all your content stored in Pickit’s library directly in your presentation.

Use logos, stock photos, or any desired images within Pickit and seamlessly incorporate them into your slide template. Utilize these visuals as background images and elevate the visual appeal of your presentation, creating a stunning and captivating experience.

Pickit for Google Slides
Pickit and Google Docs

Google Docs

By activating Pickit’s extension, there's no need to leave the Google Docs editor in search of the perfect illustration for your text.

With Pickit, all your visuals are just a click away, providing you advanced search capabilities for your assets stored in Pickit and your Pickit collections. 

Enhance your Google Drive with the
full power of digital asset management

Easily search and import your assets from Drive to Pickit and access all the digital asset management benefits

Pickit + Google Drive benefits

  • Find your Google Drive imported files in Pickit through the search functionality, visual navigation as well as Pickit's advanced metadata.
  • Easily share assets and exchange feedback with your users as well as with external partners.
  • Create branded collections from entire folders or by combining multiple files.
Drive + Pikcit

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