How to maximize ROI on marketing collaterals

We've all been there. You commission a stunning set of graphics for a campaign, or perhaps you've invested in a series of videos for a product launch. But months later, you realize some of these assets have barely seen the light of day. They're sitting there, unused, gathering digital dust. It's not just a waste of resources; it's a missed opportunity. 

The Real Price of Overlooked Assets 

Every piece of content created represents an investment. Whether it's time, money, or both, there's a cost associated with producing materials. When these assets go unused, it's not just the direct investment that's wasted. Think about the potential impact those materials could have had if they were utilized effectively. Imagine the engagement, the potential leads, the brand communication visibility that could've been achieved with those assets. 

Moreover, unused assets can clutter your cloud storage solutions – like Dropbox and Google Drive. When your team tries to find something, they're often wading through a sea of outdated or irrelevant materials. It's not just inefficient; it's a marketing workflow nightmare. 


Why Assets Become "Lost" in the Digital Shuffle 

The primary culprit? Content enablement or rather, the lack of it. If your team doesn't know about the assets at their disposal, they won't use them.  

So, how do you tap into this reservoir of untapped potential? It starts with a good digital asset management system. By organizing your assets, from brand assets to digital branding materials, you can get a clear overview of what you have at your disposal. This isn't just about avoiding the chaos of shared drives or the maze that is SharePoint, it's about making your materials easily accessible and usable. 

The solution? A robust digital content management system. This isn't about merely escaping  Google Drive alternatives or the OneDrive vs Dropbox debates. It's about having a clear, organized view of all your assets, making them easily accessible and ready to use. 


The Best DAM Solution 

This is where Pickit steps in, turning your overlooked assets into stars. With a centralized platform, every content piece is right there, ready to be used. No more sifting, no more searching. Everything's at your team's fingertips, ensuring brand consistency and marketing productivity. 

When it comes to good content marketing, every asset has potential. By ensuring that materials are easily accessible and top of mind, you can maximize the return on your content investment. After all, it's not just about creating great materials; it's about using them to their fullest potential. 

Remember, an unused asset isn't just a missed opportunity; it's a call to action. With the right tools, like Pickit, you can ensure that every piece of content gets its moment in the spotlight. 

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