How inconsistent branding is hurting your productivity and ROI

We've all seen it: a company whose logo looks one way on their website, slightly different on social media, and entirely different on their printed materials. It's like seeing someone you know well wearing a disguise. This is the peril of inconsistent branding, and it's a silent saboteur that can undermine even the most well-thought-out marketing strategies and brand communication strategy.  


The result? Confusion, disorientation, and a diminished brand experience. 


Why consistency in brand communication matters

Most marketers know this, but it's important to stress just how inconsistent branding, though often overlooked, can have a serious impact on a brand’s image and customer loyalty. Every little inconsistency in your brand messaging? It’s quietly stretching out the time it takes to build trust with your audience. When customers keep bumping into the same brand assets, it plants a seed of brand recognition. This familiarity, crafted through consistency, is the secret sauce that glues trust and supercharges the brand experience.

For example, think about a brand that's become synonymous with a specific color in their branding. Over time, that shade becomes emblematic of the brand, even in the absence of a logo (Tiffany Blue or Barbie pink, anyone?) Now, imagine if that color were to change out of nowhere due to poor brand guide implementation or digital asset management. This isn't merely a design misstep; it's a lost chance to strengthen and build brand loyalty over the life of your brand.Unused materials represent wasted resources and missed opportunities. (4)


How can I ensure brand consistency? 

So you understand why it's important to keep your brand consistent, but how do we do that?

Here are 5 things to consider: 

  • Define and Document: Clearly articulate your brand values, visuals, and voice, ensuring that these guidelines are documented and accessible to all team members.

  • Conduct Regular Audits: Periodically review your brand’s presence across all platforms to ensure consistency in visuals, messages, and overall brand experience.

  • Educate and Empower: Ensure all team members understand the brand guidelines and are empowered to use them, maintaining a consistent brand voice across all communication channels.

  • Establish a Feedback Loop: Create a system for feedback and revisions to identify and correct any brand misalignments promptly, ensuring your brand remains consistent as it adapts to changing marketing conditions.

  • Utilize Technology: Implement digital asset management software to centralize your brand assets, ensuring consistency across all content and platforms.

Digital Asset Management as a solution

With files scattered across multiple platforms, from SharePoint to Google Drive, making sure every team member uses the right assets can become a mess to say the least. Whether building a marketing presentation or launching a new campaign, the right assets reflect more than just the external view of your brand.

Enter Pickit, your go-to for streamlined asset management workflow.

It's not just a tool; it's your brand's guardian. By centralizing everything - logos, color palettes, approved imagery, documents, and brand guides - Pickit becomes the definitive source for all your branding needs. Gone are the days of rummaging through shared drives or chasing old emails for the newest logo version. With Pickit, you get a platform dedicated to organizing your assets, ensuring only the latest, approved versions are up for grabs. It epitomizes efficient content lifecycle management, ensuring your brand always puts its best foot forward.

Our intuitive interface makes it easy for users to find what they need swiftly, boosting marketing productivity. This efficiency doesn't just uphold brand consistency; it slashes time spent on asset hunts, freeing teams to actually do what they're best at - their jobs. In essence, with Pickit, you sidestep the chance of inconsistent branding, using digital asset management to ensure every content piece, campaign, or presentation is actually in tune with your brand's ethos.


Harnessing brand consistency for optimal marketing impact 

By championing brand consistency across every platform and material, you fortify your brand identity, cultivating trust with your audience, and paving the way for everlasting community. 

When it comes to branding, remember consistency isn't just pivotal; it's the very core. 


Discover how Pickit can revolutionize your digital asset management and keep your branding game strong. 

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