PayEx achieved a 500% increase in asset usage 

PayEx wanted a solution that would increase asset usage, more effectively, and would reduce the need for new content. Thus, they chose Pickit as their digital asset management solution. Thus far, Pickit has helped them: 
  • Improve brand control by minimizing the use of off-brand images 
  • Achieve better return on investment
  • Reduce presentation creation time 


Since 1972, PayEx has been playing a leading role in the development of the payment solution sector. Today, they are the Nordic region's foremost experts in invoicing, financing, and payment services, employing approximately 750 people. Since 2017 PayEx Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swedbank.  

In 2019, PayEx faced the challenge of time-consuming content creation and low usage of visual assets, leading to wasted time and resources. To address this, they implemented Pickit as a centralized storefront for easy access to content.  

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Challenge: "Too much time searching for content"

The company recognized that employees were spending a significant amount of time searching for content that should have been easily accessible or recreating material that already existed. This inefficiency led to wasted time and resources. 

Ultimately, PayEx sought a solution that would be centered around improving efficiency in content creation and usage, as well as streamlining the process of creating presentations. 


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"Our users have cut the time they spend creating presentations by around half, giving them time back for other things."

Heléne Wollheim - PayEx
Heléne Wollheim
CMO | PayEx

Solution: "One centralized storefront"

PayEx implemented Pickit as a centralized storefront for distributors and partners, addressing the need for a tool that could provide easy access to content. By adopting Pickit, a digital asset management platform, PayEx aimed to achieve the following: 

Increase asset usage 

PayEx wanted to leverage their visual assets more effectively and reduce the need for creating new content. The Pickit helped them achieve this by boosting the usage of existing assets. The marketing team reported a significant 500% increase in image bank usage after moving their library to the Pickit. 

Improve brand control

Increasing the usage of existing brand assets helped PayEx maintain better brand control. With more employees accessing the centralized image library, there was a reduced risk of off-brand or unauthorized images being used within the company. 

Enhance ROI

By increasing the usage of their invested marketing materials and photos, PayEx aimed to derive more value and a better return on investment. With Pickit, PayEx uses its assets with frequency and efficiency. 

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Microsoft 365 add-in

Additionally, PayEx sought to address the challenge of time-consuming presentation creation. They integrated the Pickit add-in with Microsoft 365, particularly with PowerPoint. This integration allowed PayEx's users to create presentations more efficiently. According to the company's CMO, users were able to cut the time spent on creating presentations by approximately 50%, freeing up time for other tasks. 

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"We’ve seen a 5X increase in image bank usage since moving our library to the Pickit DAM platform"

Heléne Wollheim - PayEx
Heléne Wollheim
CMO | PayEx

Outcome: "Boosting brand control and ROI"

The implementation of Pickit at PayEx resulted in increased asset usage, improved brand control, enhanced return on investment for visual assets, and time savings in presentation creation. These outcomes collectively contributed to improved efficiency and productivity within the company. 
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Using DAM for better asset management

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