Introducing Pickit Transfer

While many of you have probably been off for some well-needed rest and perhaps even a relatively normal summer vacation, Pickit's ever-productive programmers have been busy building some pretty sweet new features and integrations for your favorite DAM system. Our developers pride themselves on creating the most intuitive and innovative platform possible, and they tend to get restless when we don't let them release new enhancements, so we figure it's best to let them have their way and code themselves happy! 

Read on to see what they've been up to and how it can help you and your organization enjoy a smarter, smoother workflow this autumn.

Send files in seconds with Pickit Transfer 

Whether you're working on a new marketing campaign with an external agency, sending assets to a reseller, or collaborating on sales material for a third-party organization, you're probably pretty used to sharing content with people outside your own company. That said, it's still surprisingly common to hear people ask: "How do you want me to send it? An email? File transfer? A link in Slack? Teams?" And while there are plenty of file-transfer services out there, why waste time on context-switching if you've got everything you need under one roof in Pickit?

Our thoughts exactly. That's why we're now releasing Pickit Transfer, making it smoother than ever to securely send valuable files and digital assets to external stakeholders, collaborators, and organizations, as well as circulating them to selected colleagues. 

Key benefits include:

  • Productivity - send files faster without multiple services and context-switching
  • Security - transfer files using a platform you already know and trust
  • Simplicity - do it all from one place with one login


Do more with Pickit and Dropbox

You've probably already seen our Dropbox integration, enabling you to get a great overview of your files and folders using Pickit's visual navigation and enhanced search capabilities. If not, take a look this post for further info and full instructions.

Now we're taking the relationship to second base. The new Export integration allows you to quickly and easily export files from your Pickit library to folders stored in your Dropbox account. A new Import feature also allows you to bring files across from Dropbox to Pickit without actually needing to store them there. This means you can preview files and get a full overview of your content from one place (Pickit) without necessarily storing them there.

Dropbox Import


Inspire your team with PowerPoint Slides 

The Slides feature lets users create a Slide Collection to share with colleagues. Whether it's key slides from your most-used decks or examples to help employees create content that is on-brand and in line with your templates and guidelines, this feature further enhances the connection between Pickit and PowerPoint. 

How does it work?


To upload a PowerPoint file to Pickit, you need to log in to the Admin mode and click on the Documents tab. There, you can select the presentation you wish to work with. By clicking on the desired presentation, a menu will appear on the right. Once here, click on Slides and a new window will appear containing all your saved presentation slides. This is where you can duplicate the slides you'd like to save.

Note: When duplicating a slide from a document, the tags within the file will turn into "content tags" which are both searchable and editable.

Once you save your slides in Pickit, you can create a collection that's fully accessible to your team inside PowerPoint. It's important to remember that when you insert a slide into your presentation, you should adjust it to your specific document theme. 

Insert Slide