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Release date

Early Release
Documents and Templates
Wednesday, May 06

Our aim has always been to make it easier for Office users to access everything they need in one place, inside the programs they're already using. The Pickit platform has made that possible, helping companies all over the globe distribute their images and help employees stay on brand. Today, we’re expanding our offer by introducing the same capability for templates and documents. 

Early Release
Collection Sharing
Wednesday, May 06

You can now share our collections of Public Images with anyone in- or outside the Pickit environment. Just copy-paste the link in your browser to share your favorite collections with friends and colleagues. 


Please note that this feature doesn't work with company collections.  

Early Release
License Overview
Wednesday, May 06

We’ve improved our Insights Dashboard to include information about the status of your image licenses. There's now a new table where you can get an easy overview of all images in your image bank and their respective license. We’ve also added charts to quickly get a status report of all licenses and how they’re distributed, as well as easily identify images without any license information.

Vector File Support
Tuesday, March 24

We recognize the need to store and share all kinds of file types across the organization and we've seen that vector formats are particularly important to content admins. That’s why we’ve launched support for six new formats. Now you can upload the following file types: .AI, .SVG, .EPS, .PSD, .TIF and .TIFF. This in addition to the .GIF, .PNG, .JPG and .JPEG. formats that are already available. Any file can be up to 1GB in size.

Localization to German and Swedish
Tuesday, March 3

Many have been asking to use the service in your local languages, so we've taken the first step towards making that possible, releasing support for two of our largest non-English speaking user groups: Germany and Sweden.


This is the beginning of a large effort to expand our language support and add even more languages in the near future, as we want to make sure it’s easy for our users everywhere to access high-quality, legally compliant images without any language barriers. 

License Management
Wednesday, January 29

You can now add your own license to Pickit to make sure all images you work with are compliant. For every image you upload, you can add a custom license and fill in parameters such as copyright holder, expiry date, model releases, property releases and more.  


To try this out, go to any image you’ve uploaded to Pickit and click “Edit” next to the “Image rights” option on the right. Choose a license name from the dropdown and start filling in the details. You can always add another field to your license by clicking “Add field” at the top of the panel on the right.

Enhanced Metadata Management
Wednesday, January 29

You can now copy-paste tags from one image to another. You can also copy tags from another source and import them into Pickit. We’ve also refined our tagging flow to make it more straightforward, so now you can comma-separate tags instead of clicking “Enter” after each keyword.

Pickit Academy
Tuesday, December 17

The Academy will live under a tab in our PowerPoint add-in and will be a place where we regularly share tips, tricks and advice to help make you a better presenter. If you have questions or want to go deeper, you’ll also be able to sign up for one of our weekly webinars directly from the Academy. 

Pickit for Microsoft Teams
Tuesday, December 17

Now you can access your company image bank right inside Teams. Just go to the “Apps” view in the bottom left, search for “Pickit” and you can add your Pickit image bank to any team.  

Office 365 admins can also centrally deploy the image bank to the left-side menu of Teams for the entire company in just a couple of clicks. Read more about centrally deploying Pickit in Teams here. If you’d like to customize the text and icon of your centrally deployed image bank, contact us and we’d love to help. 

Content Administration Enhancements
Tuesday, December 17

We’ve worked on bug fixes and improvements to the Content Administration page. Some of the new features include:

- Starting today, admins with Approval Rights will receive an email notification when there are pending images to approve.  

- The Image Description field now allows multiple rows to fit more information.

- The filename of an image is now visible in its entirety. 

User Groups
Wednesday, December 4

Pickit can now read from a company’s Azure Active Directory to make the process of managing user permissions and sharing collections easier for administrators. Note that you may need your IT admin’s consent in order to search your directory and enable automatic refresh of your users and groups.


Invite people

We’ve redesigned the Invite Users view so you can easily find and invite people from your AAD. An integration between Pickit and your company directory also means you won’t need to remember to remove past employees or move permissions when colleagues change roles within the company.


Invite groups

You can now invite entire groups from your Azure Active Directory, give permissions to groups and assign collection access. You can see which users and groups have access to Pickit in the Manage Members menu.


Create your own groups

Admins can now create and add users to their own groups in order to more efficiently share collections to multiple users at once. To create a new group, navigate to the Manage Members view, click on New in the top right corner and choose Group. Choose a name for your team and add your team members from the list to the right.

Insights Dashboard Enhancements
Wednesday, December 4

Based on your feedback, we’ve also introduced several improvements to our Insights Dashboard to make it more actionable.


What’s new in the Searches view

You can now click on a word to perform a search for the word in either Company Images or Public Images.


What’s new in the Image Lists view

Collection lists now have an Edit button that links you directly to the collection in case you wish to make changes to it. In addition, the lists now show whether a collection is a Hero/Featured collection, as well as whether it’s part of any collection groups. Now you can also view more Top Images from any collection by expanding the view with a simple click.



We’ve added a changelog to the top right of the Insights Dashboard. Any time there’s a new feature, a notification will appear where you will be able to read more about it.

New Public Images Page
Friday, October 18

We know that many people who use Pickit on the web have been wanting to see some of the functionalities they already know and love from our award-winning Office add-in. That’s why we’ve just launched an all-new responsive company image bank webpage for a smoother and more unified user experience.  


After many requests, this update includes several improvements to the way your colleagues can use Pickit outside of the Microsoft Office ecosystem. Our new image bank page shares design and functionality with the add-in for PowerPoint and Word.

Insights Dashboard
Wednesday, September 18

We’re excited to launch the beta version of one of our most requested features: The Insights Dashboard.


Pickit Business administrators have access to analytics and actionable insights* in the Administration Panel, making it easy to optimize their image bank and increase colleagues’ productivity.



Your first view of the Insights Dashboard shows a word cloud visualizing the top 30 most popular search terms among your users. You can sort these by source: Company Images or Public Images*. The color of the words indicates how well your image bank performs against these searches: green means plenty of search results, yellow indicates a low amount of search results and red means there are no search results for this keyword. This is to help you identify words to tag your existing images with, as well as terms that are in demand to source new images for from the public image library.

You can choose the time frame you'd like to explore in the top right corner.


Top Lists

The Top Lists show the most and least used images and collections in your image bank. In the Images section, along with the images, you'll also be able to see their upload date and the keywords they're tagged with. In the Collections section, you'll be able to see the collection's relative view count compared to other collections, the average number of inserts per collection view and the most used images from each collection. This information will help you understand the effectiveness of your current image bank organization and identify content you might be lacking.

Just as with the searches, you can sort the information by Company Images or Public Images*, and you can choose the time frame you'd like to explore in the top right corner.