Discover how Forbes boosts brand control with Pickit

Forbes Media faced the challenge of maintaining brand consistency and controlling the use of logos, presentation images, and brand assets among its employees. With a strong and recognizable brand, it was crucial for Forbes to ensure that coworkers didn't reuse outdated materials for their events. To address this issue, Forbes implemented Pickit, a centralized image library and asset management system available within Microsoft 365. 
By adopting Pickit, Forbes employees gained: 
  • Easy access to the latest approved content 
  • Streamlined collaboration processes 
  • Higher productivity 


Forbes Media is a global media, branding, and technology company, with a focus on news and information about business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and affluent lifestyles. The company publishes Forbes, Forbes Asia, and Forbes Europe magazines as well as 

The Forbes brand today reaches more than 94 million people worldwide with its business message each month through its magazines and 37 licensed local editions around the globe,, TV, conferences, research, and social and mobile platforms. Forbes Media’s brand extensions include conferences, real estate, education, financial services, and technology license agreements. 

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Challenge: "No single source of truth"

Before switching to Pickit, Forbes’ main challenges were brand consistency and control over the use of logos, presentation images, and brand assets by its employees. 

Forbes found it difficult to ensure that employees were accessing and using the correct and approved material. Being a strong and recognizable brand, Forbes couldn't afford to risk coworkers reusing outdated PowerPoint decks or marketing materials for their events. Therefore, Forbes sought a solution to centralize and organize only approved, on-brand assets. The team researched multiple DAM systems and settled on Pickit because of the close relationship with Microsoft and the simplicity of the system. 


Forbes Pickit Platform

Solution: "Staying on-brand with Pickit"

The fact that Pickit is available to Forbes employees inside Microsoft 365 means they always know where to find the latest content, leading to a noticeable reduction in requests for content to the Marketing Department.  This is both a productivity win and a way to ensure that only updated, approved, and on-brand assets are being used.  

"The availability of a centralized image library and asset management system has also helped empower employees across departments to actively engage in evolving their visual communication and become active brand ambassadors for Forbes."

Danielle Salzillo
Danielle Salzillo
VP Brand Development & Marketing | Forbes
Brad Guidelines Forbes

Outcome: "All employees become brand ambassadors"

Transitioning to Pickit wasn’t complicated for Forbes, and with some onboarding help from the Customer Success team, the image archive was transferred to Pickit in a relatively short time.  

As regular presentation-makers, one of the major wins for the Forbes team was accessing their library in PowerPoint. The brand and marketing teams leveraged this to distribute relevant presentation images and brand material to their employees working in PowerPoint, making it both smoother and safer to create compliant decks. 


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