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Built-in stock image banks, fully customizable

For organizations looking to expand their asset library with licensed photos, vector graphics, audio and video from stock image providers, Pickit has optional integrations that can be switched on or off to suit their needs. Providers include Getty Images, Adobe Stock and Pickit Stock. 

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Choose from one or more stock image providers


Got a Getty Images account? Connect it to your Pickit library to access images you've already purchased, as well as source new stock photos, vector art illustrations, video and more.

The Getty integration enables seamless distribution to Microsoft 365, Google Workplace and the web. 


Already using Adobe Stock to source royalty-free stock photography, illustrations and video to enhance your asset library?

Use this integration to plug into Pickit and effortlessly distribute them to colleagues and collaborators in Office 365, Google Workspace and more. 


Enterprise users can also choose to switch on the Pickit Stock library, making it available to all users or selected teams and individuals. 

This means access to curated image collections and over 1 million photos, icons, illustrations, audio and video files all at no additional cost. 

A simpler solution for sharing and authoring

Sending documents and files should be easy, and while there are endless options–cloud storage, file transfer services, messaging apps and email, to name a few–it can be hard to keep track when using several methods to share content with colleagues and collaborators. Pickit can help put an end to that with more intuitive internal and external sharing capabilities, contributor roles for authors and more.



Internal sharing

As you add new templates, documents and assets to your library, you can use the Content Administration Tool to select what channels you want them in as well as which of your organization's departments, teams and individual users to share them with. 


External sharing

In the same way as you can distribute assets to users in your organization, you can also use Pickit to share selected image collections and assets with external collaborators. Perfect for when you're working with agencies, freelancers and other non-employees. 



Admins and Owners of your Pickit Enterprise account can choose to assign individual users or whole teams and departments an authoring role by making them Contributors. This gives them permission to upload, edit and manage the assets in a collection.

Connect your content using smart integrations

Simplify your workflow, connect to stock image providers and storage platforms,
and get a better overview of your assets all in one place.


Distribute your asset library directly to Microsoft 365 applications including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote and Sway. 

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This integration boosts productivity by providing access to your assets inside some of the world's most-used apps, including Google Slides, Docs and Drive. 

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By connecting Pickit to your Dropbox Business account, you'll be ensuring employees always have access to the latest approved files under one roof. 

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Link your Getty account to access images you've already purchased, as well as source new stock photos, vector art illustrations, video and more. 

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Use Adobe Stock to source royalty-free images? This integration will enable you to distribute them to colleagues in the applications your employees use every day.

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Connect your Box account to effortlessly import files from your folders in the cloud so they can be tracked, managed and distributed to your chosen apps and channels.

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A better way to distribute your brand guidelines

Tired of colleagues creating content that’s bad for your brand? Pickit enables you to distribute company-approved logos, assets and visual guidelines so it’s easy for people to stay on brand. 



Put your brand guidelines where people need them

Tired of people ignoring your style guides? Provide smaller pieces of relevant info in the relevant channels with Pickit Guidelines.


Easy access

Publish important rules and recommendations in the applications where people need them.

Template manual 

Coworkers abusing the corporate template? Put your manual alongside the templates for better traction.

A hub for your brand

A single source of truth with only approved assets, making it easy to stay on brand.

A more intuitive tool for corporate templates

Use Pickit to distribute your corporate templates so employees always have easy access to the latest versions inside PowerPoint and Word. You can also Pickit-enable the templates so they work seamlessly with the digital assets in your Pickit library. 



Optimize and customize your templates with Pickit

Simple distribution  Always up to date Seamless image integration


To see a demo of our template feature, schedule a walkthrough with a product specialist today. 



Boost brand intelligence and ROI
with actionable insights

Administrators have access to analytics and from our unique Insights Dashboard, making it easy to optimize their asset library and increase colleagues’ productivity.




How to leverage the Insights Dashboard


Track trends

Follow asset usage and popular search terms so you're always supplying the right content.

Predict needs

Identify gaps in your library so you can source new material that will meet your users' needs. 

Reduce cost

Boost asset usage and increase your ROI, as well as saving on sourcing fresh content for your library.

Keeping your assets safe, secure & compliant

The security of your digital assets is high priority for us at Pickit, so our engineers always employ best practices when it comes to building and further strengthening our industry-leading platform. Through a close relationship with the team at Microsoft Azure and constant enhancements to our infrastructure, you can relax knowing that your content is in safe hands.

Secure storage  Advanced permissions  License management 

Secure storage


Enjoy peace of mind knowing assets are encrypted and protected in Microsoft Azure data centers. 

Advanced permissions


Use roles and permissions to control access rights for different users and assets. 

License management


Add and import licenses for all your assets to keep track of usage rights
and stay compliant. 

A content admin tool you'll actually want to use

Think DAM systems sound complicated? Not this one. The world's simplest DAM system doesn't only apply to the end-user experience. We've built the smoothest, simplest asset management tool around so it's just as intuitive for admins and users.



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