PayEx uses Pickit to increase asset usage

PayEx is a leading Scandinavian payment service provider. See how they've used Pickit to increase their brand asset usage by 500%. 

Switching to Pickit led to a 500% increase

“We’ve seen a 5X increase in image bank usage and cut the time spent creating presentations by 50%.”

- Heléne Wollheim
Marketing Director


3 ways Pickit can boost productivity at your company


Seamless Office integration

By giving your colleagues access to images inside Office, you’ll save them time and help them stay focused instead of hunting for content.


Collections, tags
& descriptions

By curating content in themed collections and groups, tagging images and adding descriptions, people will find things faster. 


Actionable insights
& analytics

By getting access to data on downloads, inserts and image usage, you can optimize your library so people always find what they need fast.

Brand consistency across channels

85% of images downloaded from the search engines are unlicensed and illegal to use. What's more, most of them are off brand. With Pickit, you can quickly and easily put licensed, company-approved content at your colleagues' fingertips in the channels where they need it.



Pickit makes it easier to create spectacular presentations


Pickit helps PayEx to increase their ROI 

The fact that Pickit is available to PayEx employees inside PowerPoint and Word means they always know where to find the latest content, leading to a noticeable reduction in requests for content to the Marketing Dept, and a huge increase in the usage of existing assets. 


The availability of a centralized image library and asset management system has also helped empower employees across departments to actively engage in evolving their visual communication and becoming ambassadors for the PayEx brand.


Consistent brands perform 23% better

Businesses with clear and consistent branding perform 23% better than those without. Pickit can help you see the same results.

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