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Do I need to use licensed images? Why can't I just "borrow" images from a search engine?

Here’s a few reasons to stay away from stolen images:

  • The models never get notified so they can give their permission to use the image
  • The photographers don’t get credited or rewarded for their work
  • The user’s employer or organization can get sued for using unlicensed images

The internet has made sharing visual content incredibly easy, but it comes at a cost. In fact, it's believed that up to 85% of images downloaded from the internet are either unlicensed or used illegally. For an organization, posting copyright- infringing content can lead to expensive and timeconsuming lawsuits.

Pickit makes it simpler for companies to stay compliant and minimize risk when working with images.

Learn more about our license at https://pickit.com/legally-cleared