How do I share company templates and documents using Pickit?

  1. Go to Content Administration
  2. Click on Documents in the left menu 
  3. Click on Upload document. Select the files you want to upload. Supported file types are .pptx, .potx, .dotx, .docx, .pdf.
  4. Once the documents are uploaded you will see them in a list with basic information including file name, file type, and if the document is shared or not. Click on the document to add more details. 
  5. You can change the file name, add a description, author, tags (so it's searchable), and country. 
  6. Go to Previews and add screenshots or additional images of your documents so people can get a kick overview of the document. 
  7. Go to Publishing to add the document into a document collection. Here you can also choose to share your documents with all members or only with specific members. 

    Create document collections
    To the right of all document files, you can create document collections (similar to the image collections) where you can promote certain documents or put documents for easy access. 

    Click on Create collection, choose a name, and then choose with whom you want to share the collection with. You can also upload and create a custom thumbnail. 

    Once the collection is done, you can just drag and drop files from the left into the collection to the right.