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If I upload my photos to Pickit can I still upload to other websites as well?

If you upload your images to the Pickit Market it can exist on other websites as well, but you need to check what the other part is saying about uploading your images to Pickit before. The other website might have other terms.

If you upload images to our Photo Missions however, it depends. If the Photo Mission is marked with an “Exclusive” license, it means one of our clients are looking for exclusive image to buy the rights to and use in commercial purposes. The prize of these missions may vary on what the client, you can read everything about the mission under the mission details.

If the Photo Mission is marked with an “Unlimited” license it means it will get uploaded to our Pickit Market, where all our users can download the image. Just make sure you’ve checked the terms of the other website and what they’re saying about you uploading it to another page