How does the Pickit license model differ from CC0?

Creative Commons has been a great sharing license for the creative sector. However, it turns out their most popular license (there are several types of Creative Commons license) turns out not to be a license at all. CC0, or Creative Commons 0, refers to the most limited member of the Creative Commons family. And even the most comprehensive is less safe than Legally Cleared™.

For example, if there’s a person, an IP-protected landmark or a brand featured in the photo, CC0 doesn’t take any responsibility at all. Imagine a photographer takes a photo of you and posts it on their website. They add a CC0 tag to the image and suddenly it shows up in search engines as Commercially Allowed, so someone finds it on Google or Bing and decides to use it for their digital marketing campaign. But you, the model, never got to give your consent or even received any sort of notification that the photo was being used. This shows very clear limitations with CC0.