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Why are some images labeled as both CC0 and Unlimited?

On some images the license is stated as CC0 in the description, but under "License Type" it's stated as Unlimited. Here's why:

All images on Pickit have the license "Unlimited" which means not only the photographer or artist have approved the use of their images or artwork being used for commercial purposes, but all people in the photos have agreed to it as well. We also check if: copyrights, trademarks or landmarks are okay to use for commercial purposes to make sure our images pass our "Legally Cleared" process.

Since we collaborate with some CC0 image banks, we have images that have the label CC0 in the image descriptions. These images go though our "Legally Cleared" process as well, where we make sure no logos, people or landmarks are in the images. So, even if some of the images come from CC0 image banks, their license is still "Unlimited".